Natural Language Processing

A practical guide to using a text mining technique to identify the main themes of a set of documents and cluster them per topic

Topic modeling is an unsupervised learning approach to document clustering based on the topics of their content.

In this article, we will create a model using a topic modeling technique called Non-Negative Matrix Factorization (NMF) to infer the main themes existing in a dataset of hotel reviews, analyze how accurate this classification is across all documents, and predict the topic of a new document with our trained model.

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Introduction to Topic Modeling

In this domain, a topic refers to a collection of terms that are frequently used in combination with documents of the same theme. …

4 common distractive roles of Product Owners and natural strategies to circumvent them

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The job of a Product Owner is very creative in the sense that our daily work does not come pre-established, but we have to organize our day and come up with our own tasks instead.

We strive for efficiency and maximizing value generation. This leads us to a constant self-evaluation. We continuously ask ourselves whether we are truly doing what could bring the most user value, whether we are identifying the best opportunities, or whether we are unblocking the most critical path.

And when we come across challenges, this continuous hesitancy tricks us into shifting towards different roles or tasks that certainly deviate us from our product work in favor of solving something more efficiently or achieving a particular goal earlier. …

Strategies for agile Product Owners to keep their teams socially engaged and motivated during a provisional home-office period

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It has been around two weeks since we switched to working from home mode at Holidu as part of the COVID-19 prevention efforts.

Governments across the world are enforcing country lockdowns to reduce the spread rate of the virus. And tech companies are being role models supporting this initiative by enabling their employees to work from home avoiding commutes and crowded meeting rooms.

Working at a tech startup where collaboration is truly the key to our success, we have to admit this situation not only changes the way our team communicates but certainly shakes the way we work. …


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Product nerd and data science enthusiast

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